Cast of Characters

Me (Mary-Carolyn): The crazy person who tries to keep everything together, organized, and looking stylish.  I also have a deep and passionate love for pure, unadulterated chocolate. Especially when its the size of my head and has my name on it. Yum!

Hubby: Mechanical Engi-nerd extraordinarie. Lover of all things outdoor, especially hiking, bike riding, and baseball playing. Can fix just about anything, and install electrical outlets and additional light switches. Has an addiction to turning off EVERYTHING to save money. Also known as “Ducky.”   

Wonder-Puppy: A three year-old fetch playing, ball obsessed, Border collie – Black Lab mix. She’s the best 70 pound monster our SPCA has ever turned out (at least, if you ask us). She’s especially crazy about Hubby; he calls her his “other woman.”

The Whole Gang


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