Gratituesday — Ice!

Laura, at Heavenly Homemakers, posts so many recipes I love to make and eat! She also posts a blog carnival every Tuesday I have always wanted to participate in. But, each Tuesday morning when I check my blogs, I can never seem to come up with something I am soo overwhelmingly grateful for (honestly, even grateful for at all, but clearly I’m not looking at the small things, but that’s another story), that I felt I had to shout about it from the rooftops. But today is different. Today I do!

Two weeks ago our cabinet installers came to put in our new kitchen cabinets and countertops. The week before, Hubby and I (really, just Hubby) had torn out our old cabinets, pulled out the fridge, and painted in those last, hard to reach spots. Because of the way the previous counter top had been installed, we knew once we pulled the fridge out it wasn’t going back in until the installers arrived. That was fine, except when we pulled it out, we had to seperate it from the water line for our ice maker. No big deal. We still had some ice. All was fine and dandy. Then, once the fridge was replaced, the ice maker wouldn’t work. And it wouldn’t work. For three weeks I didn’t have any ice! I couldn’t have cold drinks without ice. I couldn’t have smoothies without ice. And boy was I really craving a smoothie! So, one night, my handy hubby decided it was finally time to take apart the ice maker! And he found the problem. And he fixed it! And he came running in with the ice bucket to show me our first new pieces of ice. In celebration, all of us, even the Wonder-Puppy, had a piece to suck on and enjoy the wonderful, icey-coolness of ice once again.

Today, I am thankful that I can have ice, and that it is so abunantly available to me. I’m also grateful that I have a handy Hubby who can take apart (and put back together) an ice maker and fix the problem for me.


2 Responses

  1. I can relate. My ice maker broke last summer and is stil broke. We can’t figure out what is wrong and the fridge is over 10 years old so we just do with out the ice maker. We figure it is not worth spending money to fix it. I really miss it though. I am glad yours is now working.

  2. Seems lots of us have issues with our ice makers! SO glad you got yours working. (Wanna send your hubby over to take a look at ours?!)

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