A while ago, I introduced our new family addition, but have neglected to include the most interesting member of my family in any post since then. Shame on me! But, we recently discovered some super cute things Wonder-Puppy likes to do. With all of our summer weddings, Hubby and I have amassed a great collection of bubbles. Sunday morning Hubby was blowing some, and Wonder-Puppy must have thought they looked exactly like her favorite toy, any kind of ball, because she started chasing them, popping them, and trying to eat them. Very funny. We tried it again tonight, and I managed to get a bit of it on video. Enjoy!


She’s not as energetic here as she was Sunday morning, mostly because she wore herself out playing in the back yard. I walked into the kitchen to clean up our dinner dishes, and saw out our glass door, a giant, furry, black object fly by. Yes, FLY. Like some kind of giant flying squirrel. Except it was a SEVENTY POUND squirrel. Why was Wonder-Puppy flying? She was chasing her beloved mostly-deflated soccer ball.


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  1. Awww! Puppy Love!

    RE: The chocolate molds… the frame is a box sort of frame. I used wonderunder to iron fabric right to the box part. Then I used a thin line of hot glue to hold the molds in place. I think it would work great with cookie cutters. I would love to find a long box frame and frame several in a row. Fun!

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