Worst Love Note Ever

About the middle of last week, I got up right after Hubby had walked out the door to go to work. I greeted the wonder-puppy, who was eagerly awaiting my morning appearance, and stumbled my way to the bathroom. At the door, I noticed a note sitting on top of the toilet.

“Oh boy!” I thought to myself, “Hubby knows I’m halfway through my first week at my new job and he’s left me a nice, encouraging love note!” I could not wait to see what he had written. So, I quickly walked up to the toilet to see what my wonderful hubby had left for me. And that’s when the illusion was over. What I saw was this:

So, I made my way upstairs to use the “creepy toilet.” Wonder-puppy was so excited about our morning adventures, she just couldn’t stop running and turning in circles. I wonder when I’ll actually get a love note….


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