No Africa Post Yet

Yes, I recently declared I would soon start a series of posts reflection on my time in Africa. I promised I would post the first yesterday, and yet, it is not here. Sorry! I have a couple of semi-good excuses of why its not here yet. The first is simply that it is HARD to pick where to start! But, I think I have finally found a good place to start looking back, and I’m excited to share it with you. The second reason is that I want to post pictures, but have no digital version of photos of the events I want to start off with. I’m trying to find a way to work with this, so get ready! The third wonderful excuse I have is that I seriously underestimated the amount of time I already had committed this weekend. Today is our church’s annual Celebrate America presentation, and both Hubby and I have roles to play in this (he’s running the lights, I’m doing some awesome flag waving), which required a good bit of the day for rehearsal yesterday, and will, quite possibly, claim all of today. Not to mention we leave early Thursday morning for my brother-in-law’s wedding festivities. But I’m really hoping I’ll have something posted by then!


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