Watching and Waving

Some days, I take the long way home from work. Usually, I only do this when I forget to turn for the shorter way, or when I need to run some errands before I head home. If I’m driving between about 4-6, I pass a house a few minutes drive from mine that always has its garage door open these times. Every day, I see an old man, sitting in a chair with a wheelchair next to him. He sits just under the shaded protection of the door and waver at each and every car that drives by. And he smiles a big, joyous smile with each wave. I always try to wave back at him, and his smile never fails to put one on my face. I missed him today, I drove home around 7:30, and I suppose it was a bit late for him to sit and watch, but I missed him

I don’t know why he sits and waves. I wonder if he is lonely or if he is just trying to put a little joy into people’s commutes (I have seen him in the mornings as well). I told hubby about him, and said I wanted to stop by and meet him, talk, or just bring him some home-made goodies, but was worried he might be some dangerous creep. I highly doubt that, but for now I have to respect hubby’s wishes. I hope he will let me, or even go with me, to meet him, but until he does, I will continue to smile and wave as I drive by, and smile all the way home. And, hopefully, the smile will stick a little longer.

On another note, I realized this morning that February-March marked four years since I began a journey that would give my heart to Africa. In honor of this (and just so to make sure I will NEVER forget), I have decided to have one post a week reflection on some aspect of my times in both Kenya and Lesotho. I’m aiming to start Saturday, so I’ll have a little time to reflect.


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