First Days on the Job

So I’m two days into my new job at our church – so far so good! I’ve really enjoyed working with the woman whose job I’m taking, which makes me quite disappointed she’s leaving! All the other ladies have been so warm and welcoming to me thus far, though I haven’t seen much of them throughout the day. The minister I’m working for seems very friendly as well, though I haven’t worked with him much yet. It seems that a lot of the job will have me in my office calling or e-mailing him more than walking down the hall to his office, which I suppose will be fine. My personally preference though has always been to get up and talk to people, especially if they’re all in the same small area! I know in time I’ll get used to that though.

What has been interesting though, is that often one of the ladies will say something like, “well, I think they should do this with the budget,” or, “this minister should really stand up for this aspect of his program.” These statements are always followed by a laughingly said, “but what do I know, I’m just a woman!” A good many of these women have been with the church for 20 years of more – longer than the ministers currently on staff! I think they know they’re the ones that make sure everything runs smoothly on an administrative level, but they’re all content to let the men figure things out on their own. I can only hope I learn to do the same. Despite this, they still seem to keep close tabs on their ministers. In fact, today I was told to “engrave his [my minister’s] cell phone number on my heart.”

Oh! And I have an office! My very own office, complete with a door! It is one of the smaller of the ministry assistants’ offices, but I’m excited to have my own space and to organize, and decorate, it as I want. And, even though it is a converted cube, it’s always nice to have a little privacy. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this, especially coming from a job where I stood up all day and had to be visible and available 24/7.

It has been hard getting in the groove of working 8 hours and then coming home to cook, but hubby has been very helpful and understanding, and I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of things fairly soon.


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