A Long Time Coming

It’s been a long time since my last post. I didn’t realize how long until today, when I noticed I hadn’t posted at all during the month of May. Yikes! And this month is almost half over already too. Life started getting hectic early in May with my job, and the situation there didn’t improve, until hubby and I made the decision it was time for me to leave. Fortunately, I will be starting a new job with my church on Monday. I’ve used the extra free time to weed my front yard (which took about two SOLID weeks of weeding), planting a bit there, painting my kitchen and getting it ready for an upcoming renovation, and visiting friends. In short, EVERYTHING but blogging. But I plan to be back with a vengeance, especially since we’ve got some busy months coming up packed full of exciting events. So look back here for more updates — I promise they’re coming, especially after my first day on the job!

Oh, and the job? I’ll be working as the administrative assistant to my church’s youth pastors. Very exciting, but I have to say I’m nervous! My biggest worry? Showing up in the wrong outfit! But, I’ve met a good many of the ladies who are already working in the office, and they all seem wonderful, so I know they’ll give me good guidance as I learn the ropes, both in navigating my new duties, and in the dress code. :o)


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  1. Glad to see you back, Mary-Carolyn. Good luck with that new job, and keep the updates coming. 🙂

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