Making the Most of Your Shopping Trip

This week’s Works For Me Wednesday is all about shopping! Last week’s Fashion Fiesta got me in the shopping mood, so I decided to continue with fashion here. I hope to make the bulk of this post about finding fashions that work for you and how to get the most out of your money, and that each and every one of you can find a tip that will work for you!

One.) My number one, most important tip for shopping is to try lots of things on. You will never find what works best for you unless you try, try, try, and try some more. When I shop, I grab anything that looks like it might work on me, anything in a color I like, really anything that catches my eye. I also try to pull a few things in styles or colors I wouldn’t normally wear, just to see if they might look better on me than I originally thought.

Two.) Bring a friend. Preferably, this friend should be knowledgeable about clothing and fit, but you can’t go wrong if you bring a friend whose style you admire. Chances are, if you love the way your friend looks, you’ll end up loving the way YOU look. A friend with a great sense of humor is a plus; they’ll help lighten the mood if things start to get a wee bit stressful.

Three.) Enlist the help of a sales associate. They’ve seen a lot of clothes on a lot of different body shapes, so they might have some recommendations for you. They’ll also give you their honest opinion on fits and can assist you in finding coordinating pieces for that skirt you just HAVE to have but can’t find anything to wear with. But, the single most helpful thing an associate can do for you is help you with the fit of pants. Just about every store has several different cuts of pants, and many times, the same pair of pants will be available in several different cuts. If you don’t like the way a pair of pants fits, find an associate, tell them what you don’t like about them, and see if she can help you find something you’ll LOVE.

Four.) Invest a little more in the basics. Looking for a great pair of black pants? Suit? Trench coat? Spend a little more money on these pieces, since they’ll be in style longer and you’ll get a lot of wear out of them. In the long run, spending a bit more money on pieces you can wear for 7+ years will save you money since you won’t be replacing these items every two years.

Five.) Conversely, look in stores like Target, Khols, and TJ Maxx for seasonal “trendy” items. You’ll spend less on items you’ll likely only wear for a year, and you’ll spend less, which is always great! Also, look at consignment store like Plato’s Closet that sell “trendy” items that are roughly a year old. This is also a great place to get a little bit of money out of clothes that no longer fit, or whose style you’ll simply not all that into anymore.

Six.) Shop store’s sales sections very, very carefully. Look for items you can still wear in the current season, or items that are basics you could easily wear year-round for many years to come. Avoid buying things like sweaters in the summer, unless they are basics (such as cable knits) that will be in style for years to come. Be sure you hold sale items to the same standards you would hold more expensive ones. Just because the price seems too good to pass up, say goodbye if it doesn’t fit you properly!

Seven.) Look for special in-store sales or promotional pricings and bring your coupons! If you happen to have two coupons, most stores won’t let you use both on the same transaction, but if ask nicely, they will probably let you use both if you use two separate transactions. And even if you can’t use two coupons, you can usually use a coupon with in-store promotions. For example, if pants are $10 off, you can get $10 PLUS 20% off if you have a coupon. If a store has a client list, be sure to get your name on that sucker! The store will call you to let you know if they are having special promotional pricings, and those are usually the best times to do a wardrobe overhaul.

I hope some of these tips helped you! Be sure to hope back over to Rocks in my Dryer for more great tips. Happy shopping!!


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  1. Great tips, I always like shopping with a friend more than shopping alone. They can tell you what the back *really* looks like and also gently prod you into trying something new (that looks fabulous!)

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