“No one deserves forgiveness. Forgiveness is granted by God as an act of mercy and grace. Therefore, Christians must decide to forgive all people, whether or not they deserve forgiveness.”

— From Raising Moms by Rhonda H. Kelley

I have always loved the story of Corrie Ten Boom. What touched me the most about her story was that she was able to look one of her former guards in the eye and tell him she forgave him. I found the film Forgiving Dr. Mengele and equally powerful story of forgiveness. Eva Kor’s story is truly horrible, and yet the fact that she is able to say she forgives those who persecuted her, who experimented on her and her twin sister, amazes me. I was surprised, however, to find that many survivors of the Holocaust were outraged that she would forgive Nazis. Kor doesn’t look at forgiveness in the Christian perspective, as something we show to other’s because of Christ’s love, but sees it instead as a way to heal. Still, her story is a powerful and poignant one, and a wonderful documentary.


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