Report on Wicked

Hubby and I got back to from our weekend trip to go see Wicked yesterday. We had a WONDERFUL time!

When we arrived in Charlotte, we headed straight to the mall! It was packed, which was a little overwhelming, so I didn’t do any serious shopping. Hubby found a football helmet shaped cookie cutter at Sur La Table. He now has dreams of having football parties, or being invited to one, and making little sugar cookies decorated with VT’s to take. I found a steak/chicken spice rub I’m planning to try out Wednesday night.

We then went to our hotel, changed into our nice clothes, and headed to the Cheesecake factory for a massive caloric intake. I ordered an appetizer as my dinner, all the better to finish my cheesecake, and was able to consume half of my dinner, and most of my cheesecake. Hubby had the most immense helping of chicken and biscuits I have ever beheld. But the cheesecake took the cake, literally. I LOVED my tuxedo cheesecake.

But, we didn’t go to Charlotte for the cheesecake. No. We went to Charlotte to see Wicked! It was fantastic! Our seats were literally on the last row of the theater, but we could still see very well. I was pleased my curse of the big-head didn’t follow me to the theater. It seems like everyone with a big head, big hair, or big hat decides to sit in front of the short girl. Saturday night was a close call, but the girl wearing the hat sat a few seats down from blocking my view.

I was very, very impressed with the girl who played Glinda. In my opinion (based solely on the soundtrack), she rivaled Kristin Chenoweth’s performance on Broadway. She really brought out some emotional subtleties I hadn’t heard in the soundtrack, and used body movements that weren’t overdone, but clear enough to be seen in the back row. I wasn’t quite so impressed with the portrayal of Elphaba in this production, and I’m not sure why. From my seat in the back of the theater, all she really did was stand around on stage, and, because when she sang she lacked the power and emotion of Idina Menzel’s Elphaba, it just didn’t do it for me. I don’t know if the actress did some more subtle things with her facial expressions or body language, but if she did, I couldn’t see it.

That aside, the staging was fantastic. I really enjoyed how everything seemed to be taking place in the Clock of the Time Dragon. Having read the book, and seeing the role the Time Dragon played in Elphaba’s life, it made me feel like I was a citizen of Oz.

While I really enjoyed the musical, but I have to say, I enjoyed the book a bit more. It seems a great many people, think oppositely and enjoy the thematic clarity in the musical, but the English major in me loves the ambiguity and analyzing necessary when reading the novel.


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