What I Like to Wear

Big Mama’s having a Fashion Fiesta blog carnival! Yaaay! I love this idea so much, I decided I must join in to make it a success. Because I want this event to happen again and again! So, I will tell you a little bit about what I wear on a daily basis. I work at Ann Taylor Loft, so most of my clothes come from there, and that’s generally what I wear to work. So, here’s what I’m wearing right now:

Love this little top! I wear it with my favorite pair of navy pants. The pants are great because they’re light weight.

I wear these walking shorts (pink, white and gray stripes), with this top:

I also own this in navy, which looks great with my yellow seersucker pants from Banana Republic. I looooove those pants, and I’ve never been able to find anything in seersucker I like as much.

I also just bought this top, which I love because it floats away from the stomach and hips a little bit. It’s knit, so its easy to wash and wear, but it looks just a touch dressier than a typical knit t.

When I dress up, I might wear something like these:

The first I’ll be wearing to my brother-in-law’s wedding this July, and the second I’ll wear when hubby and I go to see Wicked this weekend!!!!

Now when I shop, I do try on tons and tons of things to make sure what I like does look good on me. See all the stuff I try on?

I don’t always wear things from the Loft, and I don’t always dress up. When I’m done working, I’m usually in an old t-shirt of hubby’s and pajama bottoms. I wear jeans on the days I don’t work, though I’m working on moving towards wearing just trouser jeans (they help hide the fact that my thighs are proportionately much larger than the rest of me), but I can be caught wearing jeans and an over-sized sweatshirt from time to time. Here’s what I might wear if I were doing something like running errands or decorating Christmas cookies with my hubby!

Oh! I forgot to mention that I just bought the most adorable pair of blue madras shorts! We have them at Loft, but they’re not out yet. I have a thing for madras, and I have a skirt I bought last year that’s orange, yellow, and has some green it it. Sooo cute! Everyone needs a little bit of madras! Now don’t forget to head back over to the Fashion Fiesta to see what other’s can’t live without.


11 Responses

  1. You and hubby are SOOOOOOO cute together.

  2. Love the dresses! The black one is perfect for Wicked.

    I would imagine that you have the ideal dream job for someone who loves clothes. (And as an aside, I love your haircut!)

  3. Well thanks both of you! That happens to be one of my favorite pic with the hubby (minus a few wedding ones). Most pictures make him look too serious or something; they don’t capture this side of his personality.

    The haircut was a result of cutting off 10 inches of my hair to donate. I was sooo glad it came out well, because I was really worried I would hate such a drastic change. Now I’m contemplating keeping it close to that length.

  4. You have my dream job. (And my dream closet!) 🙂

  5. I have a big time desire to work at Loft! It is so bad that all the girls who work there know me by name- cause I shop there so much! Is is a good company to work for? I love the managers at our stores here-
    Look at the green outfit on my blog!Look familiar?

  6. You have the coolest job! And access to all those wonderful clothes. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your story with us!

  7. Everything is great! I love that black dress!!!

  8. That black dress is wicked! I want one!I enjoyed stopping by! I hope you can drop in on my fashion fiesta!

  9. I love the black dress!!

  10. Love that black dress and hope Wicked was awesome. I would spend my whole paycheck if I worked at Ann Taylor Loft!

    Thanks for joining the Fiesta!

  11. Some awesome looks there from Ann Taylor!
    Make sure you swing by CouponMeUp.com to grab a coupon before your next shopping spree!

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