Best Christmas Gift Ever

Tomorrow, Hubby and I are heading off on a trip that will probably go down in history as the best Christmas gift ever. About a year and a half ago, some friends and I discovered that Wicked went on tour, and would stop nearby our college. We talked about going to see it together, and I mentioned it to Hubby (then finance). He said he’d be willing to come with us. I told him to stay home. He doesn’t like plays, musicals, ballets, etc. and I told him he wouldn’t enjoy this. He said okay, he wouldn’t go. Well, as it turned out, all the shows were sold out, and we weren’t able to go.

But, this Christmas, I opened a small, four-part package that promised me a weekend stay in a king-sized hotel room in Charlotte, then dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, money to purchase a new outfit, and finally, two tickets to see Wicked!! Oh, it was soo adorable! Hubby remembered that I really wanted to go, and had watched the ticket website FOR A YEAR, and bought tickets the day they went n sale so I could go. Isn’t he sweet?

I couldn’t be more thrilled to eat some delicious fattening cheesecake that will probably make my pants to small in the thigh area. Buying all new pants would be totally worth this fabulous desert. And the hotel has cable TV! I don’t so much miss too much of cable TV, I can see most of the shows I like on our basic eleven channels, just not in the same quantity. But, oh, I miss Project Runway. And Jon and Kate Plus Eight. If there’s anything I miss about cable, its that. So I’m looking forward to a nice, big bed and some cable Saturday night and Sunday morning. But most of all, I am looking forward to spending a whole bunch of quality time with my super-sweet hubby. We’ve both been busy lately, him especially, and I know we’ll really enjoy some special time and a mini vacation this weekend.

Can’t wait!


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