Works For Me Wednesday — Jewelry

This week’s Works For Me Wednesday’s theme is “Greatest Hits.” We’re supposed to be posting our best Works For Me post. Since I’ve only had one post, I’ve decided rather than bore everyone by posting last week’s post again, I’ve decided to post a new tip. This is, however, one of my “creative” ideas I’ve had lately.

For quite some time, I’ve been looking for a way to organize my jewelry. I wanted something that was organized, but that I could leave out on my dresser to remind myself daily of what pieces I own (if I can’t see that I have it, I don’t remember I own it, and I forget to wear it!). I had seen jewelry trees, which seemed perfect, in several catalogues, as well as online, but they were all upwards of twenty bucks, and I did not want to pay that.

Several women in my Bible study recommended a place called Consignment First for furniture for our new house. I was browsing one day for an oversized reading chair when I saw it across the room. There, on a shelf surrounded by plates and mugs, was my jewelry tree! It was iron and bent into four arms, but when I made my way across the room to examine it more closely, I noticed a tag on it declaring it a “4 mug holder.” I was slightly disappointed, but undeterred. I decided this would be my new jewelry organization system and promptly purchased it and took it home. It works WONDERFULLY! The tallest arm holds my longest necklace wonderfully, and my bracelets hang perfectly from the shortest arm. All in all, this system works perfectly for me – I actually remember to wear my jewelry – and I paid under $15 for it!

Now head on over to Rocks in my Dryer for some really good tips!


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