This Christmas was wonderful for me, and partly it was so wonderful because I learned to appreciate even more the joy of spending time with my family. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, mostly because of all the quality time I get to spend with my family. Christmas morning we open gifts in order, from youngest to oldest, and everyone admires the gift. Its one of the few times my family spends several uninterrupted hours enjoying, appreciating, and participating in one other’s interests. I was reminded of how precious this time is when I celebrated Christmas one evening with my in-laws. They sit separately, open gifts all at once, and no one hears thanks for gifts, or even really knows what others have received. I spent most of the evening sitting on a couch in the corner alone, and, largely, ignored. Well, ignored may be unfair, as no one in the family was really singled out or paid much attention to. It made me miss my family terribly. That being said, hands down, the best Christmas gift I received this year was a DVD of a home movie my mom made well over 15 years ago for my grandfather’s birthday. It covers my life from about 18 months to the age of five, and included the birth of my brother. Now, I can have a little piece of home and family, no matter where I am.


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