Still Job Hunting

I am presently not sure of my job situation. I am not happy with the working environment in my current job – waaay to middle school for me most of the time, and I could really do without the drama. We don’t need to gossip, we don’t need to be rude, lets just come to work, be kind (I’d be happy with civil as well) to others, and get on with our lives. Its just retail. Its just a job. It is not our life. I recently applied for a different job, not the one I mentioned earlier, but a different one, and interviewed there today. I very much enjoyed the interview, but just about as soon as a sat down I was told they were looking to fill another position they hadn’t advertised, and wondered if they could interview me for that position as they felt my skills might be more suited in that area. I agreed, but after hearing more about the position, I’m not sure I agree. It involves coordinating lights, sound, power point and music, making copies for orchestras and singers, and making sure everyone is on the same page and things are organized to flow smoothly. I have found a love and deep appreciation for the work and creativity that go into lights, have run many a power point, and love being involved in music, so this fits all of my interests, but I’m not sure I’m qualified to fill the position. The other is much more writing centered, and my training lies more in that area. I’m willing to learn, but I’m just not sure if it’s the right position for me. I want it to be, but I want to be sure. There are many things I like about it –a supportive, friendly and caring environment, its just down the block from my husband’s office so we could carpool (save money on gas!) and have lunch together. I have recently gotten to know one of the ladies who formerly held the position, and the one who is looking to retire from it, and the woman who would train me, is an old family friend of my husbands. I could be creative in this job, and it would certainly challenge me, but I want it to be the right fit.


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  1. i understand your misery with the middleschoolness of retail. *sigh*
    Even if you don’t think you’re “qualified” for that position, you are plenty smart enough to take it on…

    I hope things work out.
    read any good books lately?

    – Whit

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