We had a fire on the stage tonight. Not during the pageant, but well after it. Kyle and I stuck around so I could learn how to reboot the cyborgs and learn what I needed to do to light and fog the cave tomorrow. Then we helped Pete and Deb make some changes on the programed lights. As we were talking, well after just about everyone had left, Pete noticed a light that shouldn’t be on the stage and declared there was a fire. He and Kyle ran down to save the curtins and to put it out, while Deb and I frantically tried to get the house lights up. We couldn’t, and I was afraid to mess with the board for fear I’d plunge us into eternal darkness. Kyle found an extinguisher and put it out, and Deb called the fire department (convienetly located right across the street from us). No one was hurt, and everything on stage is fine, minus the FIRE RETARDENT cloth placed over the lights in the cave. For the record, these lights are so bright they’ll blind you if you look right at them. What happened was that when the cloth was placed over the lights during the show, they were still hot, and stayed hot long enough to get through the fire retardent coating. Its a blessing we were still around, because we have a lot of styrofoam on the set, which would have burned quickly, and the curtains would have carried the fire up, and, if no one had been there, could have easily lost the church. Kyle and I left shortly after the fire department came, as the stuff in the extinguisher was bothering his lungs and asthma, and he didn’t have his emergency inhaler with him. He’s fine, I’m fine, everyone is fine, but I’ve decided I am NOT running lights in the cave tomorrow, and least not during the first show. Maybe the second, if all goes well. The good thing that did come out of that, I think, is that I feel much closer to, more comfortable with, and much more like good friends with Pete and Deb, who I only met on Thursday. A crisis can really bring people together, and I think it’s going to make for one tight-knit lighting team.


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