Christmas Pageant

Tonight is our the first real pageant performance at my church. In fact, I’ll be leaving in about 15 minutes to go get food and get to my station by six. Last night was our open dress rehearsal, which was the first time I had gone to any rehearsal for the pageant. I really got luck with that, as most people have been working non-stop with it. My husband is operating one of the spotlights, and I am learning how to “call” the pageant and help out wherever needed. When you call the pageant, you sit up in the lighting booth, with your notes on what is happening with lights, sets, ect, at every moment of the play, and you tell everyone what to do. For example, you might say, “Spot one, you are going to follow Satan with a size 5, red spot…and GO!” The woman who has been doing this for years is moving, so I am learning to eventually take her place. I’ve been told I will actually be calling the show Saturday or Sunday afternoon, which will really be interesting. For now, I bring food, take notes on things we need to change with the lights later, and follow along with what Deb’s doing. I’ve got to run now and get my all black on and get ready to go!

Oh, I’m also VERY excited because I finished ALL of my Christmas shopping today. I started in October, thing I would spread everything out so I wouldn’t blow our budget in December, but I’ve done most of it this month, and have ended up stretching the budget for this month instead! Oh well, at least my last-minute husband can have the entire December budget!


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