I had a blog with this same title I used for my Film, Text and Culture course in my last semester of college. I fell desperatly in love with it and decided that I MUST create a new blog with the same name. So here we are. Hopefully, my emotions of deep love will extend to this blog as well, and I will continue to post with the same frequency I did before. I intend this blog to be used for a variety of purposes, to let friends know what all I’m up to now that we’re not living within a square mile of each other, but mostly, I think, to attempt to process the world around me. Oh, and for those of you wondering, the title of this blog comes from an e.e. cummings poem (I have a dear love for cumming’s poetry, though frequently I feel I’m not quite sure I know what’s going on).

even a pencil has fear to
do the posed body luckily made
a pen is dreadfully afraid
of her of this of the smile’s two
eyes….too, since the world’s but
a piece of eminent fragility.
Well and when—Does susceptibility
imply perspicuity,or?
seeing her is not
to something or to nothing as much as
being by her seen, which has got
nothing on something as i think

,did you ever hear a jazz

or unnoise men don’t make soup who drink.


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